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Data Steward
Tata Steel in Europe (IJmuiden,Netherlands Antilles)
Computer and Information Technology
Career Level:
Mid Career
Job Type:
Position Open


What's your job?

Information Management/Master Data Management is responsible for defining the processes and systems for handling data and information within the Commercial organisation. This includes the definition of TSE-wide data governance and data structures. The function fulfils a governance role for all functions within Commercial and aligns with its equivalent functions in other areas like Finance or Manufacturing. The function works within the frameworks of the Commercial objectives and the commitments made with all stakeholders from other units/organisations of TSE.

Function purpose

  • Ensuring complete, accurate and consistent Commercial data
  • Defining effective data management and reporting processes
  • Allowing easy data mapping and information exchange within TSE and with partners
Data governance and compliance
  • Identifying and coordinating the data stewards in TSE
  • Creating clear ownership for data and reports
  • Implement procedures and policies for creating and maintaining master data
  • Ensuring compliance to data governance policies
TSE data definitions
  • Defining TSE enterprise data assets
  • Maintaining data definitions and representing requirements of stakeholders and projects
  • Providing data definitions to the reporting units
  • Working with business and IT on harmonising data structures
Data quality control and improvements
  • Developing metrics and systems to assure data quality
  • Conducting data quality audits/validation
  • Informing on data issues and providing support on issue-resolution
  • Proposing data quality improvement measures
Data and systems expertise
  • Analysing business processes and data mappings
  • Providing data and systems expertise
  • Defining the required data for a process/system and identifying the data sources


Is this you?


  • Experience in managing people
  • Business understanding
  • Data expertise
  • IT affinity and systems experience
  • Excellent communication skills


What do we offer?

An unique role at a global player in the industry. A job where you will find everything to make your work as Data Steward interesting.

You can also expect:
• one-year contract with a prospective of permanent contract
• a role in which you can be a company expert by bringing forth technological insights based on detailed research analyses. These insights are utilized in innovative process and product development projects.
• plenty of growth opportunities within Tata Steel
• variable bonus, fixed end of the year bonus of 2% and 8% holiday allowance.
• minimum of 23 vacation days and 11.5 days ADV.
• excellent benefits including average salary scheme pension.

What's your department?

Reporting & Analytics (R&A) is a new function within Tata Steel Europe (TSE), driving the digitalisation with new tools and technologies and the application of big data and advanced analytics in the Commercial organisation. The function is critical for improving the supply chain performance, optimising the stock position, directing sales and customer service, and supporting marketing through a step change in the understanding of performance drivers and the application of leading-edge technologies.

R&A comprises of teams in the following functional areas, ensuring data consistency across TSE, supporting the growing needs for data management and analytics, as well as supporting Commercial steering:
- Information management, data governance and master data management
- Data engineering and reporting
- Advanced analytics and data science
- Business process management with Anaplan
- Reporting and analytics development

The capabilities of R&A are a source of competitive advantage for TSE now and in the future.

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